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Fake Grass Installers in Stansted

Are you looking to transform your garden to a better looking, more manageable place of luxury? If you are, you’ve come to right artificial grass installers in Stansted.

At Fresh Lawns, we will help you choose the perfect fake grass for your garden and install it for you!

The benefits of artificial grass are second-to-none; it can save you time, energy, and money. Whether you garden is big, small, wide, thin, or anything in between, we can fit artificial grass that will look beautiful every single morning without ever touching the lawn mower.

Regardless of the weather, your artificial lawn will always be ready for use. So, if your pets or children are desperate to go and play outside in the pouring rain, they can – and you don’t need to worry about clothes and shoes getting muddy!

Forget about sunlight exposure, regular watering and feeding, and all the other worries that come with natural grass. None of these things are required for a perfect looking, year-round artificial lawn. All you’ll need to do is sweep it up occasionally!

The team at Fresh Lawn take pride in all their work so customer satisfaction is an imperative part of the process. Look at our testimonials to see what our previous customers thought of our work.

If you feel like your Stansted garden could be improved with artificial grass, please don't hesitate to contact us and find out more details.

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More and more homeowners and property developers are turning to artificial grass in Stansted for their lawns.

This is because artificial grass is more cost-efficient than its natural counterpart in the long run.

How Artificial Grass Saves You Money

While upfront cost is an important consideration for any home improvement project like redesigning a lawn, price alone doesn’t paint the whole picture. You also need to take routine maintenance and the equipment necessary to determine your total cost of ownership.

Artificial turf may carry a larger initial cost than natural grass. But the long-term benefits the former affords more than offset the investment.

Artificial grass doesn’t take much in terms of maintenance hours.

With a real turf, you can easily spend two to three hours per week between watering the ground, cutting the grass, and adding fertilisers. Artificial grass doesn’t need any of the above. Right off the bat, you get two to three hours every week to do things you want to do!

Artificial grass also takes equipment and recurring costs off of your monthly budget.

You won’t need to buy and maintain sprinklers or lawn mowers to keep your turf green and tidy. And you can rest easy knowing it will stay the same with little-to-no supervision.

Environmental Advantages Of Artificial Turf

Fresh water is increasingly becoming a scarce resource.

Water usage may come under strict scrutiny as communities strive for better environmental policies. Natural lawns can suffer as a result, but not artificial turf.

While real grass needs watering at least weekly, artificial grass only needs a thorough brushing to stay in good shape. Meaning you not only cut down monthly costs but also help preserve our natural resources.

You also won’t need to add to your personal carbon emission as petrol-driven mowers aren’t necessary. And with fertilisers out of the way, you also reduce the risk of contaminants going down the drain and polluting the water.

Artificial Grass Installations

When handled by professionals, the installation of artificial grass can be a smooth, hassle free process.

The top layer of sod needs to be removed to expose the soil underneath. Then the ground must be completely levelled out using materials such as sand and concrete to create an even base.

A border is needed to outline the material which can come in the form of timber, a patio or pathway, or decking. Once a border has been laid, next the all important weed membrane needs to be fitted to ensure no plants will grow under your artificial grass, causing unsightly lumps.

Finally the grass is laid to fit snugly within the border, fixed in place with multiple pins. It then receives a thorough brushing to help the fibres stand up straight.

The Fresh Lawns team can carry out this whole process in a matter of days, meaning minimal disruption to you and your garden.

If you want a perfectly fitted artificial lawn, call Fresh Lawns to get a free quote on artificial grass and installation.

"The Fresh Lawns team really helped me and my family be able to utilise our garden again. We now have a brand new patio area and a green garden we never have to cut again! Thanks Fresh Lawns."
"Brilliant job, no complaints, would definitely recommend."
"Thank you Fresh Lawns, our garden is the talk of the estate thanks to you and I've already recommended your services to two of my neighbours!"
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