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Fake Grass Installers in Chelmsford

If you require an artificial grass supplier in Chelmsford, you've come to the right place as Fresh Lawns can provide you with the highest quality artificial grass and install it for you!

Your garden, no matter the size, can immensely benefit from artificial grass; it'll save you a load of time and energy as you'll never have to mow the lawn again, it'll look amazing all year round - regardless of the weather, and it'll never get your pets and kids muddy.

Fake grass for your garden allows you to forget about all the concerns with natural grass. You don't need to worry about sunlight exposure, regular feeding, or watering with artificial grass as it doesn't require these things to look amazing! Instead, with no maintenance at all, the fake grass will stay at a perfect length with a beautiful green colour throughout all four seasons.

The team at Fresh Lawns are highly skilled, and we make it our main priority to satisfy each and every customer we work with, check out our customer testimonials to see what others think of our work.

If you're looking to improve your Chelmsford garden with artificial grass, please don't hesitate to call us and find out more details.

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Chelmsford’s climate can be problematic for natural grass lawns.

The city gets plenty of rainfall all year long. And when rain is frequent, homeowners must double-down on maintenance and care.

For starters, grass grows faster due to more rain, meaning you will have to mow more often. You will also want to fertilise the ground an hour before the rain so nutrients get to the roots. And it is best to not walk on the grass to avoid an uneven, disheveled lawn.

If you want an attractive front or back garden minus the tedious upkeep, artificial grass in Chelmsford is an excellent alternative.

Artificial grass is a tough contender against the real thing. It gives outdoor areas that lush green appearance no matter the season, and is just as visually pleasing as it’s natural counterpart.

All the while saving you hours of maintenance work so you can spend more time on things you want to do.

Other Perks Of Artificial Grass Chelmsford

The advantages of artificial grass are obvious, like the time savings you get from not having to water the grass, mow the area, or fertilise the ground. But it does more than just simplify lawn maintenance for homeowners.

Did you know that the best-value artificial grass have fibre grass blades and infills that help shoes and boots grip the surface better?

Not only does this reduce the risk of slipping when the ground is wet, but the improved safety also makes artificial lawns a reliable surface for outdoor games like basketball or tennis.

Notably, artificial grass doesn’t rely on soil to thrive, meaning you can install it in places where adding dirt is impractical (ex: staircases). Plus, you also won’t have to worry about mud and grime making their way into your home.

Artificial lawn also cuts down your costs by a significant amount.

Natural grass requires weekly watering at least, which can inflate your utility bills especially if you have a large lawn area. And we haven’t even taken the cost of pesticides and fertilisers into account yet. But you won’t have to worry about these expenses with artificial grass.

Final Quick Tips

While easy maintenance is one of the biggest draws of artificial grass, you still need to look after it once in a while.

Keeping the grass in good shape won’t take much. Most of the time, a thorough brushing at least once a month is enough. For stained artificial lawns, though, you will need to wash off the smear using hot water and a suitable cleaning solution.

The hardiness of artificial grass has a limit, too. Excessive heat, for example, can damage the lawn beyond repair. So to extend the shelf life of your grass, don’t place barbecues and motor vehicles right on top of it.

Want to learn more about artificial grass? Reach out to Fresh Lawns today! We’ll be more than happy to help you find the best artificial grass in Chelmsford to fit your needs.

"We didn't want the hassle of having to cut our lawn as we're getting on a little but we also wanted something pet friendly, we couldn't be happier with the results! Thank you Fresh Lawns"
Mr H - Broomfield, Chelmsford
"Our kids were constantly coming in from the garden caked in mud and covered in grass stains. After switching to artificial grass, we no longer have that problem and are so pleased about it - no more ruined clothes!"
Mrs W - Springfield, Chelmsford
"Couldn't be happier with the job the Fresh Lawns team did on my garden. My garden is small but they still managed to come up with a design that would make it look beautiful throughout the year."
Mr S - Great Baddow, Chelmsford
"Thank you, Fresh Lawns! I would definitely recommend these artificial grass installers, they done an excellent job in my garden and were finished within a week!"
Miss M - Chelmer Village, Chelmsford
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