Fake Grass Installation in Bishops Stortford

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Fake Grass Installers in Bishops Stortford

If your garden is looking untidy and needs a makeover then Fresh Lawns are here to help. We have supplied artificial grass in Bishops Stortford to many customers and helped to transform their outside space!

When it comes to transforming a garden, artificial grass has quickly become a must have for people wanting a clean and tidy garden all year round, that looks stunning and welcoming throughout all four seasons!

Fake grass in your garden means the days of worrying about your natural lawn are over! The painstaking tasks of regular feeding, watering and maintenance are now no longer needed. Just sit back and enjoy your beautiful green lawn, and the welcoming compliments it will attract.

Our team boasts a huge experience in artificial grass and were early adopters in both supply and installation so have the knowledge required to help you make the right decision. Our website gallery has many examples of our finished work, and we have a long list of customers happy to recommend our service.

If you’ve decided it’s time to improve your garden, and want to show Bishops Stortford how great your garden can be then please get in touch with us today for more details.

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More and more smart homeowners are looking into artificial grass in Bishop’s Stortford. And it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re looking to build a garden that looks amazing all year long, cut down on maintenance time, or keep mess to a minimum, investing in artificial grass is money well spent!

Withstands All Types Of Weather

Bishop’s Stortford’s warm and temperate climate is far from harsh.

Still, the town experiences a lot of rainfall even in the driest months. And for homes with natural grass, frequent rain all year ‘round can present safety risks to family members.

Wet grass is a slipping hazard, especially for little children and the elderly. Not to mention the mud that will be walked through the house. With artificial grass, however, you won’t have to worry about these safety hazards.

The sturdy backing material replaces the soil, so your lawn doesn’t get muddy during wetter months. Plus, the fibres of the grass blades and the infills make for better traction and can withstand even the roughest of plays.

Artificial grass can also last for up to 20 years.

Invest a bit of time in cleaning and maintenance, and the grass can stay in your front or back garden for longer. And yes, it will stay as green and as good as new through the decades. Enhancing your home’s visual appeal and providing superior safety whatever the weather or time of the year.

Simple And Quick Maintenance

When the weather is pleasant, you will want to spend your time enjoying local attractions like Hatfield Forest or Bishop’s Stortford Museum.

Mowing the lawn for hours on end is the last thing you want to do!

Lawn maintenance can be a pain, especially during warmer seasons. Not only will you have to get rid of whatever clutter or mess in your garden, but you will also have to water the grass weekly to keep it green and healthy.

With artificial grass, however, outdoor maintenance and cleaning is as easy as it gets. You still need to rinse the area with water once in a while. But you will never have to mow, fertilise, and waste clean water again.

Rest easy knowing your perfectly green grass will have the same length and color with minimal effort from your part.

If you own a holiday home, artificial grass will not only cut down on maintenance. But it can also save you money as you won’t need to hire someone to tend the lawn for you.

Keeps Your Entire Home Cleaner

Mud and dirt common in natural grass pose more than just safety hazards. They can leave your home in a mess, too!

Children love playing outside, even in the rain. Nothing wrong with that. But when you add soil to the equation, your kids’ mud-soaked shoes and boots are sure to leave a cleaning nightmare in their wake.

A soil-free artificial lawn won’t give you such headaches. You can let the little tots play outside, and deal with the post-play clean-up job with a few wipes.

If you want to save time and money with artificial grass in Bishop’s Stortford, call the Fresh Lawns team today for a free quote.

"I am very satisfied with the result of my new garden. The grass is laid perfectly and the decking area is everything I'd hoped for. Thank you."
"The guys at Fresh Lawns were excellent. Together, we came up with a plan perfect for my garden, and they got right to it! It was all done in a matter of days! Will be recommending."
"Would definitely recommend Fresh Lawns! They're a great team that do an excellent job!"
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